Take the Beyond Culture Quiz!

Are you achieving results that go beyond what seems possible?
This little quiz will help you target some areas as we go down the path to a Beyond Culture!

(1) What’s the level of innovation exhibited day to day within your organization?
(2) What’s the level of empowerment within your organization?
(3) Are your team members inspired beyond their job descriptions to a higher purpose, impacting lives in a special way?
(4) To what extent is your organization absolutely delighting the socks off the people you serve? Delight involves joy, surprise, and compulsion to tell another!
(5) To what extent do your team members show initiative, proactively tackling the hard problems even when no one is looking?
(6) Is your organization experiencing unwanted turnover, saying goodbye to solid performers who left for a better opportunity?
(7) Does your organization positively recognize team members and celebrate successes?
(8) Do you see alot of collaboration and teamwork, people sharing ideas and solving problems together?
(9) Do your leaders seek out observations, new ideas, and suggestions from all levels of the organization?
(10) How’s the overall morale within your team? Everyone happy to be a part of the team and getting along?

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