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About Me

I’m Karen Walters, Full-Service Human Resources Consultant. I’ve spent decades inspiring teams and helping leaders to cultivate cultures that achieve results beyond what seems possible.

I’ve worked in multiple industries including IT, retail, non-profit, hospitality, sports and entertainment – most recently providing human resource support to the Arthur Blank-owned Atlanta Falcons, Mercedes-Benz Stadium, Atlanta United Soccer Team.

I want to share the deep, rich wisdom I’ve gained from some of the most mind-blowingly awesome organizations on the planet!
It’s my pleasure to help you create a Beyond Culture. Let’s go!

30 Years of Human Resources wisdom & passion

Challenged to attract and retain great people?

Need your team to be more driven?

Could your customers be more blown away by your service?

Could the trust, morale, and unity within your team be better?

Looking for a trusted HR advisor and sounding board?

I will help you create a Beyond Culture!

Three Steps to Building

A Healthy and Impactful Environment


Beyond Culture

Culture is the environment created when a group comes together to achieve a common purpose. It’s the product of the group’s values & behaviors. We have a culture at home, at work, in ministry, in the classroom….even on the ballfield! Our journey together starts with a fun quiz.
I’m excited to discuss your results with you and guide you toward a Beyond Culture!


Beyond Culture
Visioning Experience

Healthy cultures truly can produce results that go beyond what seems possible! The Beyond Culture Visioning Experience is a rare opportunity to look at your culture and leadership in a new way through the lens of stories and discussion. Grow your self awareness as we explore and practice the Beyond Culture components of 1. Guiding from Below 2. Inspiring Heroes 3. Declaring a Higher Purpose. This experience is broken into five one hour sessions and can be done virtually or in person.


Beyond Culture
Building Plan

Now that you’ve gained valuable new insights about your leadership and culture, let’s build your Culture Building Plan. It’s time to inspire your team to new levels and activate your core values through every step in the employee life cycle. We have a full suite of solutions and workshops aimed at energizing and caring for your team in impactful ways. Let’s go!


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Beyond Culture Quiz - Your First Step!

Benefit from my decades of Fortune 50 Human Resources & Culture Building experience. Take this one-of-a-kind culture quiz which will help you better understand your culture at work, at home, anywhere! Added bonus: You’ll benefit from a PDF that outlines the 3 things you absolutely must believe about Culture Building

Take the Beyond Culture Quiz!

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